Thursday, November 13, 2008

Personality Test

I got this off of some forums I keep up with regularly.

It is a standard personality test. I imagine if you majored in Scocial Sciences you are very familiar with this type of thing. I am usually not a big fan of this kind of stuff, most of the time I find the questions asked in these tests to be so vaugue that I feel like my answers would be very different depending on how I am feeling on any given day. I did however type mine and my wife's birthdays into a random advertising bar online when we were dating to see if we were astrologically compatible and I must say that test was dead on so there MUST be some truth to it. :P (She's lucky too, if that radom advertisement hadn't ok'd our union who knows what would have happened!) Two things struck me as I took this test for the second time (I did the same test about a year ago) First, my results came up darn near the same as a year ago and second, that it pretty much nailed me. I am and Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging (ESFJ) or as they classify it a Guardian Provider. I found it fun to see how accurate it ended up being. What are you and is it right? Are you in denial?


Laura said...

I'm an ESFJ too! Extraverted 67%Sensing 1% Feeling 25% Judging 56%

Tymon said...

E - 22
N - 25
T - 25
J - 78

Napolean and I would be tight...if he were alive.