Thursday, November 13, 2008

Personality Test

I got this off of some forums I keep up with regularly.

It is a standard personality test. I imagine if you majored in Scocial Sciences you are very familiar with this type of thing. I am usually not a big fan of this kind of stuff, most of the time I find the questions asked in these tests to be so vaugue that I feel like my answers would be very different depending on how I am feeling on any given day. I did however type mine and my wife's birthdays into a random advertising bar online when we were dating to see if we were astrologically compatible and I must say that test was dead on so there MUST be some truth to it. :P (She's lucky too, if that radom advertisement hadn't ok'd our union who knows what would have happened!) Two things struck me as I took this test for the second time (I did the same test about a year ago) First, my results came up darn near the same as a year ago and second, that it pretty much nailed me. I am and Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging (ESFJ) or as they classify it a Guardian Provider. I found it fun to see how accurate it ended up being. What are you and is it right? Are you in denial?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hopping on the band wagon

Well I've been keeping up with some of my old friends, roommates, companions via their blogs and I decided it would be nice of me to do the same for them. I also have enjoyed reading my wife's blog with regards to our daughter and I discovered I may have the inner workings of a blog junkie. Not to mention since she redid her background I am no longer in her profile pic. The most compelling reason I had for doing this is that it is a way to keep a journal of sorts and I don't have to write by hand. You see, I have terrible penmanship. It started young, being the first born overachiever that I am, I received impeccable grades in my first few years of grade school. My report cards would be covered in "E"s (for excellent) accept for the dreaded penmanship category which often dropped 2 or 3 grades down to the dreaded "NI" Needs improvement. At first I was disheartened (lets face it being the sensitive kid I was I probably bawled) but soon I learned to accept my less than perfect ability to write the English language. Luckily by third grade computers were beginning to make a serious debut onto the education scene and I was never really asked to write cursive since the first time I learned it. (How do you make the z?) Since then I managed to makes it through a BA and Masters Thesis using my specialized 5 finger typing system and haven't had to write by hand much. This in addition to having had jobs where I was forced to sign my name many times a day has caused a serious decline in my handwriting. In fact, my penmanship is probably far worse than when it was in grade school. So this blog I hope will help me assuage the guilt I have of being a trained Historian (hey stop laughing) that doesn't keep a personal history.